"I spent almost 20 years eating bad GF bread and as long as you guys are baking, I want your bread only. It is amazing!"
- Sheri


"A friend of mine just introduced me to your peasant loaf, and I want to say thank you for bringing this wonderful bread to the table! You have a lifetime customer in me."
- Paula


"I'm writing to say how much I love your Vini Vidi Vici rolls! I happened upon them at Whole Foods in NYC when I was desperate to find a dairy-free, gluten-free roll made with intelligible ingredients. That is a tall order, and these rolls totally fit the bill."
- Daria


"I adore your bread, Peasant Loaf, especially! I've been gluten free my whole life, I'm 66, and this is the FIRST bread product I truly enjoy, thanks."
- Sarah


"I recently found Kim and Jake's buns at my local Sprouts store. I was really happy because I finally found a great tasting gluten free, dairy free product that doesn't have a bunch of other weird chemicals/ingredients in it. My favorite was the cinnamon raisin buns."
- Paul


"While shopping at the Whole Foods in Capitol Hill, Denver we came across your vegan, gluten free buns and cookies. After reading your funny quip on the back of the buns we had to buy them for our family. Well, it's later and we are THANKING YOU! They are absolutely the BEST we have had. Can't wait to get some more. Please keep up the good work!"
- Donna and Lee


"I finally have bread back. Your gluten free peasant bread is terrific! It is the only gluten free bread I have ever found that erased my longing for "real bread" because it is real bread."
- Sharon